Thursday, 27 October 2011

How to Get an iPad 2

How to Get an iPad 2

 How to Get an iPad 2 - CLICK HERE!

When the iPad first came out, it was truly revolutionary. However, now the arrival of the iPad 2 takes tablet technology to yet another level. As well as a faster processor, the iPad is lighter and thinner than the original. Two great new features are the HDMI out and the two cameras for use for video calls. Some people may find the lack of a USB port to be a disadvantage, but on the upside the iPad 2 comes all set for mobile wireless computing.

In terms of accessories for the iPad 2, probably the best one is the Smart Cover. The Smart Cover magnetically attaches to the front of the iPad 2, and can be used in many different ways by folding it into different shapes. It's really hard to beat this combination of a great tablet with a very clever accessory.

How to Get an iPad 2 - CLICK HERE!


Advantages of the iPad 2
  • Stylish, slim, and light
  • CPU: new dual core A5
  • Many apps
  • Smart Cover can be very handy sometimes

iPad 2's Disadvantages
  • Screen has not been upgraded
  • Lack of USB port and external drive support
  • The back of the iPad 2 isn't covered by the Smart Cover

iPad 2 Review

A dramatic advance from the original iPad, Apple's iPad 2 offers the perfect combination of productive mobile computing and stylish technology. The first impression you get when you see the iPad 2 is that it looks very similar to the original iPad. Both have the same 1024 x 768, 9.7-inch screen and aluminum construction. But this time Apple have slimmed it down a bit: It's about 100 grams lighter and 4mm thinner. Also included are 2 VGA cameras, one on the back and one on the front (above the screen). These are great for making video calls, but are not good enough to replace standard digital cameras.

It's not just lighter and slimmer though, it's also faster. The iPad 2's A5 CPU is much faster than the A4 CPU on the iPad 1. The separate dual core graphics processor gives it the power it needs to handle even the highest resolution media with ease. Apple's ever-increasing range of apps makes it easier to have fun and be productive, and the updated iOS 4.3 makes sure it all runs smoothly. Wireless communication is a breeze with the iPad 2, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coming as standard and 3G wireless being optional.

Apple also created the Smart Cover, which serves as a great accessory to the iPad 2. It is extremely innovative, and lightweight and functional. Available in 5 different colors, in either leather or plastic, the Smart Cover fits nicely over the screen. The magnets in the Smart Cover have two different functions: To "communicate" with the tablet as well as keeping it attached to it. The iPad2 automatically goes into sleep mode whenever the Smart Cover is placed over the screen. This is a great feature!

The Smart Cover has a number of other functional uses. You can fold the Smart Cover into an upright stand or inclined stand, due to the four sections. By folding down part of it, you can use the camera at the back of the tablet. The Smart Cover is a great addition to the iPad 2, and well worth spending the extra money to get it...